Joel R. Nodelman, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Joel R. Nodelman, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Joel R. Nodelman

Nodelcorp Consulting Inc.
Edmonton, AB.

Joel Nodelman has acquired over 35 years of progressive experience in engineering and management of energy, environment, climate change and sustainable development projects, including industry compliance, emission reduction and other risk mitigation strategies.  Mr. Nodelman is a gifted speaker, facilitator and educator with over fifteen years of teaching engineering courses in sustainable development and engineering management at the University of Alberta.

Mr. Nodelman has been actively engaged in the ongoing Engineers Canada work on engineering assessment of the vulnerability of Canadian infrastructure to climate change; initially in his role of Chair of the Engineers Canada Environment Committee, followed by day-to-day project coordination as part of the Engineers Canada Vulnerability Committee Secretariat and finally as a technical advisor to the initial seven case studies conducted under the auspices of the Engineers Canada initiative.

Joel is the principal author of the PIEVC Engineering Protocol for assessing the engineering vulnerability of public infrastructure to climate change, and has applied the Protocol to execute major climate change vulnerability assessments of highway and drainage infrastructure systems.

Joel has been a speaker and facilitator at vulnerability assessment workshops across Canada, communicating the philosophy and application of climate change vulnerability assessment and risk management principles in professional engineering and management practice.

Mr. Nodelman is the author of numerous articles and papers on sustainable development, climate change, and environmental affairs.