Heather Auld, M.Sc. (Meteorology)

Heather Auld, M.Sc. (Meteorology)

Heather Auld

Principal Climate Scientist
Risk Sciences International
Toronto, ON

Heather Auld, M.Sc. (Meteorology) joined Risk Sciences International (RSI) as their Principal Climate Scientist in 2011 after spending 32 years with Environment Canada. She has worked across Canada with Environment Canada in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and Canadian Forces Trenton as a weather forecaster, engineering climatologist, manager, meteorology instructor-trainer and climate impacts and adaptation scientist.

For many years, Heather extensively researched  and developed climate and climate change design values for the National Building Code of Canada, other national standards and best water management practices.  Heather has led or contributed to the development of new CSA adaptation standards for permafrost foundations, changing snow loads for northern buildings and rainfall intensity-duration-frequency design information. Her work has also included deliverables on Arctic issues, permafrost thawing, the Engineers Canada PIEVC risk assessment process, climate change scenarios, extreme climate analyses and climate impacts and adaptation decision support. She has provided analyses and expert testimony to several Canadian disaster inquiries involving extreme weather, waterborne disease outbreaks, transportation  accidents and infrastructure failures.

On the international front, she has served on expert teams with the World Meteorological Organization and as a lead author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and provided training under the UN International Strategy on Disaster Reduction. Heather has also represented Canada on delegations to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and helped Engineers Canada and the World Federation of Engineering Organization to discussions on collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization. Heather has supported studies on climate extremes and adaptation in several countries, including China, Honduras, Costa Rica and Malaysia.